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Do You Know Why Most Marketers FAIL When Trying to Build a List?
Look, it's no secret that building a list is something every marketer needs to be doing.

In the video above you can see I have used my small list to add $4,000 to my bottom line in just a few days from sending a handful of emails!

But most marketers struggle with these "easy to understand" but "hard to master" concepts:
  •  Traffic: Getting the highest quality clicks to your landing pages is tricky, and only becomes more complicated if you decide to use paid traffic. It can result in $1,000's of dollar burnt!
  •  Conversion Rates: If your landing page loads slowly, if it's not attractive, if the font is off - you get a massive drop-off in leads. It's confusing to understand how all these elements come together
  •  Split-Testing: Change this button or change that color, or this headline - split-testing is so important but understand what, why, when, and how to split-test is daunting for most marketers!
  •  Inconsistency: Sure! You've gotten a few leads, but then - nothing. It dies off and you have to go and start all over again with new traffic and start testing all over again...
It's no wonder why most marketers fail when trying to build a list...
If Any of Those 4 Things Have Held You Back Before - I've Got the Perfect Solution...
Chatbot List Builder
Here's how you can use Chatbots to build your list for you completely on autopilot and never deal with those 4 issues again...
  •  NO Landing Pages: Because Chatbots don't need to send users over to a landing page, you never need to split test colors, or buttons, or headlines, or images - your chatbot does all the work for you!
  •  Autoresponder Setup: Not only will your Chatbot collect your subscribers email addresses it will automatically add them to a pre-made autoresponder in any of the top autoresponder services and instantly starting sending your marketing messages to the inbox!
  • NO Traffic Concerns: Because DESTINY explains exactly how to get free traffic and advanced paid traffic your chatbot collects your leads for you and then converts them into email subscribers - you never need to worry about running out of traffic ever again.
  •  Done-For-You Chatbots: To make sure you experience truly massive email list growth, we're including some DFY chatbot messages that are proven to convert your users in red-hot email leads!
  •  Email Swipes: Use these autoresponder swipe files to make sure you marketing messages are clear and get more sales to your products or affiliate promotions.
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